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A la Carte LifeBio Process and Phone Interview


The Premier Package includes a 1-hour Jumpstart Phone Interview in addition to the LifeBio Web Membership and Memory Journal. The audio recording is transcribed and LifeBio's Personal Biographers enter the story inside and create a draft bio. Everything is saved inside's secure online platform and a draft bio will be emailed (or it all can be accessed and viewed inside  You and your family can continue to edit the LifeBio from there--adding more stories and photos. 

The 1-Hour Jumpstart Phone Interview complements the LifeBio Web Membership and the Memory Journal. Choose to answer 20 or 200+ questions. Pay a one time fee and enjoy this opportunity to capture life stories with questions prompting you along the way. Work on your own autobiography or help a loved one with their biography. Access the "Biography" area for a longer bio or choose from one of the shorter "Stories" templates inside. Upload thousands of your favorite photos to complement your stories.  

You'll have the ability to print a PDF of your bio at any time. Options for buying a hardcover edition are provided by LifeBio too!

It's time to tell your story and your family's story too!

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