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Monthly Subscription - Up to 49 People in Community


LifeBio is the premier life story and communication platform used in senior living and health care organizations.

LifeBio provides a comprehensive Reminiscence Therapy approach and captures life stories used in community settings. Why LifeBio?

  • Record the background of people reaching advanced age or facing life-threatening illnesses or memory loss. 
  • Increase feelings of wellbeing and happiness, while delivering excellence in person-centered care. 
  • Use in senior living (independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, etc.) 
  • Bring out the best stories and key information -- help staff and family know more about each amazing person to impact quality. 

LifeBio provides web-based Getting Started Training for staff and ships out a Getting Started Kit containing physical journals, a marketing/publicity kit, and samples of the LifeBio deliverables. Your community will benefit from beautiful, personalized Life Story Books, 1-page Snapshot summaries, and 1-page Action Plans which emerge from the LifeBio process for each resident/participant.

LifeBio sets your community apart in the market and helps people create a lasting legacy. 

LifeBio flexes for the needs in a particular community. For example, some communities offer a 6 or 8-week LifeBio class for independent living. In other communities, intergenerational projects are the goal. In still others, LifeBio focuses in on memory care. As the project begins, LifeBio forms an implementation plan that will meet your community's needs. 

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