3 Premier - 1-hour Interview with Personal Biographer & Web Account

The Premier Package includes a LifeBio Web Membership and a 1-Hour Jumpstart Phone Interview with a LifeBio Personal Biographer, and a first draft of the bio created and emailed. All info is stored inside LifeBio for ongoing edits, changes, or additional stories, memories, and photos. The Memory Journal is provided as well to help people with additional prompts.

The Premier Package includes a 1-hour Jumpstart Phone Interview in addition to the LifeBio Web Membership and Memory Journal. The audio recording is transcribed and LifeBio's Personal Biographers enter the story inside LifeBio.com and create a draft bio. Everything is saved inside LifeBio.com's secure online platform and a draft bio will be emailed (or it all can be accessed and viewed inside LifeBio.com).  You and your family can continue to edit the LifeBio from there--adding more stories and photos. 

The 1-Hour Jumpstart Phone Interview complements the LifeBio Web Membership and the Memory Journal. Choose to answer 20 or 200+ questions. Pay a one time fee and enjoy this opportunity to capture life stories with questions prompting you along the way. Work on your own autobiography or help a loved one with their biography. Access the "Biography" area for a longer bio or choose from one of the shorter "Stories" templates inside. Upload thousands of your favorite photos to complement your stories.  

You'll have the ability to print a PDF of your bio at any time. Options for buying a hardcover edition are provided by LifeBio too!

It's time to tell your story and your family's story too!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Questions? Call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com

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