Memory Journal

200+ questions within 35 categories, matches full biography

The Memory Journal provides the perfect place to tell YOUR story - YOUR way.  No matter your age, the time is NOW to record your experiences to be preserved for future generations.

The user-friendly journal conains over 200 carefully crafted life story questions with plenty of space to write your answers.  The journal covers topics including:  family history, education, careers, life lessons, and more.

One especially unique feature of our LifeBio Memory Journal is that it coordinates with our online website ( so that information may be easily transferred to the online platform if you so choose - allowing multiple copies of your book to be created for family and friends.

The Memory Journal is designed to be whatever the author wants it to be - perhaps a parent jotting down memories for their children; a grandchild using the journal to remember Grandma's stories; or a first draft with answers transferred online to create a professional leather bound book. 

However the Memory Journal is used, it becomes uniquely YOURS - just like the life story it will help preserve!



  • Over 200+ carefully-crafted biography questions in a beautiful hardcover 6 x 9 inch book with book jacket. The book, without jacket, is brown with "Memory Journal" in gold lettering. 
  • All questions match's online template for easy transfer from the journal to the computer someday (if you wish).
  • Perfect for the person who would rather write than type (or for people without a computer). Great for visiting and interviewing a loved one too! Wonderful tool to take to a reunion.
  • Each page includes two questions with lines provided for writing in answers.
  • The LifeBio Memory Journal also works well as a first draft. Ideas and memories from the LifeBio Memory Journal can be transferred to an online LifeBio and then into a hardcover, leather-bound Legacy Book. 
  • Questions?  Call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email