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Faith Journal

List Price: $12.95


The Faith Journal is a 6 x 9 inch softcover booklet that helps people record what matters most in their faith journey.  This booklet was designed to be used with people of all ages. In fact, it has been used to bring together 70-100 year old people and youth to discuss Christian faith topics together.  Churches or retirement communities are an exciting place to explore these ideas in groups--sometimes groups of all ages.  

Some of the topics included are...

1) Favorite scriptures or Bible stories

2) Influence of relatives or other people on one's faith walk

3) The journey to become a follower

4) The impact the Christian faith has had on one's life

5) And topics such as prayer and music

The Faith Journal closes with a template for creating an ethical will, a heartfelt letter to younger generations.  One of the most important things that older loved ones can pass on to younger generations is an understanding of the Christian faith and this Faith Journal was designed to make that possible.