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Memory Journal - 200+ Questions BEST-SELLING BOOK

200+ questions within 35 categories, matches full LifeBio.com biography. Updated 2017. Hardcover 6 x 9 book.
$24.95 $19.95

Custom Options for Healthcare / Senior Living

LifeBio for Authorized Organizations serving whole organizations with various #s of residents, patients, or clients per year. Senior living or long-term care. Billed monthly.
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1 Web Only - Online Biography Questions (200 questions)

The Web Only Package includes complete, ongoing access to the comprehensive biography questions inside LifeBio.com for a one-time fee. Access all 200 questions or shorter "Story" templates inside.

2 Deluxe - Web Account & Life Story Book, Snapshot, and Action Plan

The Deluxe Package includes access to LifeBio.com to answer bio questions. When finished, LifeBio staff will generate a Life Story Book, 1-page Snapshot summary, and 1-page Action Plan.

3 Premier - 1-hour Interview with Personal Biographer & Web Account

The Premier Package includes a LifeBio Web Membership and a 1-Hour Jumpstart Phone Interview with a LifeBio Personal Biographer, and a first draft of the bio created and emailed. All info is stored inside LifeBio for ongoing edits, changes, or additional stories, memories, and photos. The Memory Journal is provided as well to help people with additional prompts.