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Capture Your Story Journal - 25 Questions


The Capture Your Story Journal is the perfect way to begin the biographical process. A short but sweet biography that works for people of all ages and backgrounds, this 25-question overview is an easy place to begin telling your story. In just a few hours, your amazing life story can begin to unfold!

The Capture Your Story is a chronological life story template that covers the past, present, and future. It starts with questions about your ancestors and moves smoothly from your early childhood memories, through school days, work experiences, marriage and adult life, to dreams and goals for the future. This large-print 8.5" x 11" softcover book has extra pages at the end of the book for continuing stories and additional photos.

In addition to being used to tell your own story, the Capture Your Story Journal works great for interviewing a parent, grandparent, or other loved ones! This excellent conversation starter is perfect for visiting with a family member or someone in a care facility, hospital, or hospice care. The Capture Your Story Journal is the perfect start for the holidays, a special occasion, or any visit!