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Life Story Journal - 73 Questions


The Life Story Journal (73 questions, softcover, 8.5" x 11") is designed to help anyone capture life stories. This journal begins with "warm up" questions and moves on to these categories: The People Who Shaped You, Your Memories, The Real World (Adulthood), and Bringing It All Together. Sections on historical events and favorites are also included. This book is wonderful to work on your own life story or to use when visiting family members or other loved ones. The print is larger to make it easier for older eyes to read this journal's interesting questions.

Warm up questions - "What's the greatest invention to come along in your lifetime?" and nine more questions to get the biography started 
The People Who Shaped You - Including parents, grandparents, and siblings
Historical events - Choose from a listing of events which ones meant the most in your life
Memories/Childhood - Fun times as kids, school days, and much more
Favorite Things as a Child or Teen - Favorite clothes, things to buy, movies, and much more
Military Experiences - A chance for those who served to share memories
The Real World/Adulthood - Love, marriage, children, grandchildren, pets, and more
Bringing it All Together - Life lessons, values, traditions, and beliefs
Photos & Memorabilia - A great place to add pictures or other keepsakes