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Life Story Journal - 73 Questions


The Life Story Journal (softcover, 8.5 x 11) is designed to help anyone quickly capture their life stories. It contains 73 questions that begin with "warm up" questions followed by questions in these categories: The People Who Shaped You, Your Memories, The Real World (adulthood), and Bringing It All Together. The book also includes historical events and a section on favorites. This book is wonderful to work on your life story or to use when visiting a family member or other loved ones.  The print is larger to make it easier for older eyes to read this journal's interesting questions.

Warm up questions - "What's the greatest invention to come along in your lifetime?" and nine more questions to get the biography started.
The People Who Shaped You (parents, grandparents, siblings).
Historical events - Listing of events and pick the ones that meant the most.
Memories/Childhood - Fun times as kids, school days, and much more!
Favorite Things as a Child or Teen - favorite clothes, things to buy, movie, and much more!
Military Experiences - for those who served to share any captured memories he or she wishes to share.
The Real World/Adulthood - love, marriage, children, grandchildren, pets, and more!
Bringing it All Together - life lessons, values, traditions, beliefs.
Other Memories -- add more memories if the space is needed.
Photos & Memorabilia - a great place to pop in pictures or other keepsakes cherished.