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LifeBio Memory App for Healthcare

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LifeBio Memory is the first research-based life story app powered by artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning. It helps deliver better person-centered care and memory care with HIPPA privacy and security. 

• EASY TO USE. The Life Bio Memory iOS / Android app starts dynamic story conversations to increase engagement.
• COMPETITIVE EDGE. LifeBio Memory is an essential component of programming, aging services, and excellence in memory care.
• RESEARCH-BASED. LifeBio's proven life story methods and
reminiscence therapy reduced depressive symptoms by 15% and increased efficiency and effectiveness of care staff.
• RICH INSIGHTS. Knowing more about each person's
background and interests leads to individualized life
enrichment and personalized ideas for care planning.

After a person's story has been completed, LifeBio can provide digital and printed copies of each person's story, along with a one-page Snapshot summary and Action Plan to guide planning behind the scenes.



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License agreements are available to allow use in Senior Living, Hospice, Hospitals, Health Plans, and many more settings. Please contact LifeBio for a custom quote at or 937-303-4974.