Memory Journal - 200+ Questions

200+ questions within 35 categories, matches full biography. Updated 2017.

The Memory Journal provides the perfect place to tell YOUR story - YOUR way.  No matter your age, the time is NOW to record your experiences to be preserved for future generations. This Memory Journal has been updated by Beth Sanders in 2017 to include the most recent historical event topics. 

The user-friendly journal conains over 200 carefully crafted life story questions with plenty of space to write your answers.  The journal covers topics including:  family history, education, careers, life lessons, and more.

One especially unique feature of our LifeBio Memory Journal is that it coordinates with our online website ( so that information may be easily transferred to the online platform if you so choose - allowing multiple copies of your book to be created for family and friends.

The Memory Journal is designed to be whatever the author wants it to be - perhaps a parent jotting down memories for their children; a grandchild using the journal to remember Grandma's stories; or a first draft with answers transferred online to create a professional leather bound book. 

However the Memory Journal is used, it becomes uniquely YOURS - just like the life story it will help preserve!



  • Updated in 2017
  • Over 200+ carefully-crafted biography questions in a beautiful hardcover 6 x 9 inch book with book jacket. The book, without jacket, is brown with "Memory Journal" in gold lettering. 
  • All questions match's online template for easy transfer from the journal to the computer someday (if you wish).
  • Perfect for the person who would rather write than type (or for people without a computer). Great for visiting and interviewing a loved one too! Wonderful tool to take to a reunion.
  • Each page includes two questions with lines provided for writing in answers.
  • The LifeBio Memory Journal also works well as a first draft. Ideas and memories from the LifeBio Memory Journal can be transferred to an online LifeBio and then into a hardcover, leather-bound Legacy Book. 
  • Questions?  Call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email