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MemoryBio Photo Album - Conversation Starter Book for Dementia Care


Take visits to the next level and promote conversation with residents/patients/clients or loved ones who would respond better to pictures than just the written word. This unique, full-color photo album includes 35 themes (150+ photos) of everyday life that can appeal to almost anyone (of any age) to help people have something new and interesting to talk about.

MemoryBio provides family members, staff, or volunteers with a helpful structure for visiting. Personal Comforts will be developed as a result. Personal Comforts are objects, songs, or pictures that bring the person joy and peace—something that direct caregivers can then be aware of to offer person-centered care. Learn more about people in your care with MemoryBio. Visit with older adults in healthcare, home care, senior living, or hospice care. This works even for people with normal cognition.