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Professional Biography Template

LifeBio generates an instant autobiography template, biography writing template, professional biography template, biography writing templates for kids,  professional biography template for college students, professional biography template examples, and captures shorter “Chapters” of life, and stores daily Journal entries. It is a one-stop place to store personal life stories and to share what matters most with family and friends.

LifeBio’s Premium Membership make it easy to generate any of these options below including…

  • A Full instant biography template or autobiography template with over 250+ Biography Questions
  • The Life Story Guide (20 question biography) My Life Story
  • Professional bography template
  • Biography writing templates for kids
  • Professional biography template for college students
  • Professional biography template examples
  • Veterans Story
  • Love Story
  • Travel Story
  • Baby Story 
  • Graduation Story
  • Organization Story
  • Cookbook (memories of favorite recipes)
  • Stories & Memories (bring together a memory book for a birthday or anniversary)
  • Journaling – Create and preview your daily Journal
  • Archives – Upload family history and genealogy documents for safe keeping
  • Media Gallery – Include photos, video, or audio recordings to enhance the story
LifeBio, the leading online instant autobiography template and biography writing template system, works with thousands of individuals and families to ensure that every person has the chance to preserve memories, experiences, and family history without delay. For those that are asking, "How do I write my biography?" there is now a great solution.
Families use LifeBio to ask the right questions to bring out the best stories of parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. The new LifeBio web-based approach makes it simple and affordable to document memories from the past and everyday life now and in the future. Information on genealogy and family history can also be included