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Veteran's Story Journal


The Veteran's Story Journal (softcover, 8.5" x 11") helps document your own or a loved one's military service. This 33-page booklet contains 40 key questions to answer about life and military service. 

The journal has room for sharing past or present military moments, and it was designed to be effective for veterans in the US and around the world. Questions are not limited to military experiences but also cover life before and after service.  

The following topics are covered: Information on time of service and where served, childhood, family, growing up, military training, medals and citations, friendships, funny moments, diary entries or letters received, career, beliefs, and life lessons. This journal also contains space for additional stories, photos, letters, and memorabilia.

The Veteran's Story Journal makes a perfect gift for the special veteran in your life! (Great gift for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc.) Know the people who served more and know what to ask. Better understand and remember the details behind these military experiences.

This journal also contains instructions for sending a copy of the Veteran's Story Journal to the U.S. Library of Congress' Veterans History Project (for US veterans only).

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*Note: The Veteran's Story Journal is our long template. For a shorter option, please see the Veteran's Life Story Project (our 21-question option).