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LifeBio 101 8-week Class


  • Training Guides (1 Leader's Guide and 10 Participant Guides) and 11 Life Story Journals.
  • This 8-week interactive class, recommended for groups up to 10 people, is designed to provide a structure to introduce the power of life stories and to kickstart participants' efforts to capture memories, experiences, and values. Interesting exercises such as  The Window and more prime the pump of memories and lead to new friendships and opportunities to listen and learn from each other’s life journey. No prior writing experience is necessary.
  • Here is what is included in the LifeBio 101 8-week class. You will receive the following materials & training:
    • 11 Life Story Journals 
    • 1 Leader's Guide – with step-by-step instructions and ideas on what to bring and do. (Includes graduation certificate template)
    • 10 Participants' Guides – covering exercises and topics that guide people in writing in the Life Story Journal
  • The leader or leaders can be anyone who is a great discussion leader, good listener, and time keeper (because people love to discuss the answers to the biography questions). These classes tend to become very social experiences so many times it is a matter of just keeping the class on track as you go through each week’s curriculum. This course will touch ALL dimensions of wellness while giving people a great kickstart on recording their life experiences.
  • There have been over a 100 studies in the last 10 years demonstrating that reminiscence is a key part of healthy aging—lowering depression, lowering physical pain, etc. This class also reduced loneliness. 
  • This amazing class has been used in libraries, senior centers, hospitals, cancer centers, senior living communities, nursing homes, and churches.